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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  September 18, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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maria: and more uncertainty. thank you so much. it's a pleasure. thank you for joining us, everybody. that will do it for us this morning. i'll see you on sunday on sunday morning futures on the fox news channel and again on monday, back here same time. thanks for being here. the market is going to open lower. let's get to stuart varney, you've got a big show and it's over to you. stuart: always, maria. thanks very much. what happened? janet yellen leaves interest rates unchanged and the market goes down? good morning, everyone. two points to make here, maybe the economy is not as strong as the government says it is. that would bring stocks down or maybe the federal reserve is doing the president's bidding. it's politicized and the market doesn't like that either. look at this, stocks will be opening way down, maybe close to 200 points. a media double standard. you trump deflects a question on muslims and is sharply criticized. and hillary clinton refuses to
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answer questions on e-mails and nothing happens. and this could cost a player millions. this could be the dumbest pre-season football play ever. "varney & company" is about to begin. ♪ look at this from the get-go, down 184, the projected opening nine minutes from now. it's not supposed to be like this. a rate hike we were told could bring on a selloff. we didn't get a hike and we've got a selloff, here it comes. oil has been moving in the mid 40 range. and how about gold. 1138. regular gasoline, 2.30 is the national average down 1/10 of a cent overnight. down 32 days in a row.
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here is the bit we love, show you every time. a buck 65 cheapest gas in the station. a colleague of mine spent 1.74 in union city new jersey. love it. now, you're not going to see any fed navel gazing, we don't do that. and berkley, janet yellen leans left. she bails them out with cheap money. joining us tammy bruce and the market watcher. dr. i'm saying it's a politicized fed, the market doesn't like it, do i have a point? >> i think you have a point. they're between a rock and a hard place. stocks should have gone down and have a firm statement what's going on globally and then the stocks didn't like that. and finally, the retail investors hearing from the fed,
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someone they trust that things aren't going well globally. she said some nice things about the economy. i'm kind of with you to say it was a politicized move headed into the end of the year. >> i don't think that the markets looked like at all. tammy, politicized feds hiding bad news on the economy? >> i think that's their modus operandi. it's taking financial actions that will cover the nature of what they expect to come up so it looks better. yellen, i believe, mentioned the congress and said it would be a shame if they did something to the economy. what is her business to say that? people are realizing it's not just obama who is cynical, it's everyone who is willing to work with him. they have the same agenda and it's not good. >> i don't think that the state of the economy and i don't think that rated an american increase. everybody is worried, how bad is it? i don't think they're giving us a clear picture.
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>> as we're below 2% on interest rate, it's tough to say, we've got to slow this economy down. stuart: we're going to open sharply lower, a loss of about 188 for the dow industrials, in about 26 minutes' time. an audience member calls the president a muslim. here is trump's answer. >> okay. a problem in this country, called muslims. we know our current president is one, you know he is he not even a americn american-- anyway, we have training camps where they want to kill us, that's my question, when can we get rid of them. >> we're going to look at a lot of ditch-- different things, a lot of
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people are looking at a lot of different things. stuart: he didn't refute it, therefore he's a bad guy. trump issued this statement, the media wants to make this issue about obama, the bigger is that bank of america is-- and this happened to john mccain as well. i wouldn't be surprised if this was a plant. mccain bit and he spent the election defending president obama and who obama was. that's a mistake. barack obama is a grown man. the american people can make their decisions who and who. barack obama and hillary clinton lied to the american people about a variety of issues and this is exactly what the liberals would do and what the democratic would do to distract the republican front runner. ashley: deflect it, don't let it continue and let it blow up,
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dismiss, move on. stuart: we demand in this country in this moment to be politically correct. you say that's not true, you must refute it. >> that is about bringing obama-- making it all about him. making it be about defending obama. that has got to end. maybe it will end with donald trump. i hope so. stuart: i like what he said about christians in tweets this morning, he's flat-out right. got it. something new for you, the obama administration announcing new rules or for businesses and travelers headed to cuba. ashley: the treasury department is putting this out on detail, travelling, communications and internet-based services closer to allowing people to establish physical presence in cuba. an office, maybe opening bank accounts. very short on details. they're close to postal
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services and regularly commercial scenes between the two. >> we're open to going there and urging people to do business there. they're still coming here, interesting run out of companies. i think that was a politically correct answer. look at this. amazon releasing a $50 tablet. you can buy these things in bulk. tell me the story. >> a six pack of tablets. if you want to knock out this in one shot. amazon a selling six packs of the new tablet called the fire. it's for reading books, serving the web, that's it. if you buy five, amazon will throw in a sixth one for free. the tablet is ad supporter. if you don't want the ads on
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the looked green. stuart: but it's a six pack. ashley: if you buy in bulk, $41. >> you know, charities, give to the schools, the homeless shelters and give this to little kids. this is about books? a great way to take some part of electronic media to little kids who wouldn't be able to do it. stuart: you realize i've got six gidz and nine grandchildren. if i bought those, cover the whole gambit. >> double that for the kids who are not lucky enough to have the last name of varney. stuart: lucky? [laughter] >> and enjoy them even further. stuart: we could go to town on that one. >> i'm changing my name varney. stuart: you're spreading rumors. >> i want a tablet. >> me, too, while you're at it. stuart: we're changing the story or subject.
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>> suddenly, your family got bigger. stuart: i'm interrupting, go. employees at a target store in new york voted to unionize. they work in a store that is being cold to cvs health. they're arguing that vote should have never been allowed to happen, but the forecast are concerned about potentially losing their jobs and seeing their hours cut. the actress, emily blunt now apologizing for saying that about being ma american citizen and it's an offhand joke and her husband and daughter are also american. >> i'll accept that, i think she was joking around when she said it and i think i was overly harsh to say get. >> it was an offhand comment. i don't like what she said and upset a lot of people. stuart: tammy?
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>> i think we learn the most about people in offhand comments. and you can renounce your citizenship. she obviously likes the monarchy and we've had one in barack obama and there might be a monarchy returning. you can renounce and it's an easy process and it's another great thing about the united states of america, you can leave if you want to. stuart: i'm increasingly liking the idea of you having my last name. [laughter] >> i'm going to spell it v-a-r-n-e-e. it will be different. ashley: you're going to get a tablet. stuart: the star with the seattle seahawks is not afraid to speak his mind. he says the group black lives matter needs to address black on black crime. we're going to deal with that one in a moment. later in this hour, former congressman anthony weiner, i'm going to ask him. why is he guy like you not supporting bernie sanders,
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they're made for each other. >> if you believe it's the wrong thing-- i will not yield to the gentleman, and the gentleman will observe regular order. awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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>> the migrant crisis deepens in europe, croatia and the latest to close its doors. neighboring country hungary is building another razor wire fence. this as reports with hungarian soldiers mounted on humvees along the border as migrants get off buses. the only way through europe is slovenia. many have arrived by train. however, slovenia are stopping rail travel and sending them back to croatia. >> in croatia they were trying to stem the tide of people coming, they gave up and lifted
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the border and this huge mass of humanity moved through. they're basically throwing their hands up and saying let slovenia deal with it. stuart: and richard sherman and his experience. >> you living in the hood, dealing with people dying and best friend getting killed, and it was two 35-year-old black men, you know, wasn't no police officer involved, wasn't anybody else involved. i didn't hear anybody shouting black lives matter then. stuart: david weather is with us, fox news contributor. how many people in the black community are saying something like what richard sherman just said? >> more than you would think. i w i was speaking with residents and businessmen and one and the
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same. black lives matter didn't help ferguson. not one person in ferguson told me that the black lives matter movement which was launched out of what happened in august of 2014 came back to help. i'll give you an anecdotal view, dr. ben carson was down there with a round table, lt. govern governor, mayor knowles, one of the first thing i heard the protest black lives matter-- this is just, i'll use the nice version, b-s. not interested in listening, not interesting in solutions. richard sherman speaks from a point coming straight out of compton, he knows what the choices are and become one of the most successful people because he made the right choices. stuart: listen to this, a leader from the black lives matter movement is teaching a civil disobedience course at yale, got it?
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diray mckeesen is his name. >> and they invited him, and i can't imagine someone from the pro-life teaching-- >> it's pretty much left leaning and they have senator chris combs. do you want your kids being told that their white guilt and white privilege is somehow to be subordinated, this is what black lives matter says, there's no such thing as white guilt-- >> and it's amazing that like mr. sherman, speaking in a fashion, and bringing in him to
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yale to teach civil disobedience. >> versus civil disruption, the black lives matter is an farce led by charlatans. ask what did black lives matter do in ferguson? >> david webb, an all too short appearance. thank you. more fed bashing coming up. janet plays politics and the money guys not happy with that. 9:45 eastern time, the direct responses to questions. >> megan, did you hear me answer that part of the question. >> not exactly, the response-- >> i'll give it to you again, you have to focus on the answer not just the question. >> okay. [ male announcer ] whether it takes 200,000 parts,
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and for drivers with accident forgiveness,rates won't go up due to your first accident. learn more by calling switch to liberty mutual and you can save up to $509. for a free quote today,call liberty mutual insurance at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> ooh, this may hurt. the futures market just took another leg down. now we're looking at 250-point drop for the dow industrial average in about seven minutes' time. my next guest is with us from chicago. sir, let's-- jack ablin, i'm sorry, jack, i was distracted there. jack, we've got the dow down
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over 250 points. right after the federal reserve leave rates unchanged. now, i'm going to offer the opinion that maybe the fed's hiding something. maybe the economy is just not performing as well as it's he is spo -- supposed to. they're not telling us that, what do you say? >> it could be the emporer's new clothes here. the fed had a path to attempt to raise interest rates. could have done it earlier this year, they didn't. my sense is that the federal reserve claims to be data dependent. my sense is that they're market dependent. this is something we tell our clients year in and year out. don't watch the market on day-to-day basis-- >> the federal reserve is a stock market regulator, a stock market supporter, that's what they've become? >> that's the inference and i think that not only just the u.s. stock market, but
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apparently the global stock market. stuart: are they also an obama policy supporter? look, i've been saying all morning i think they're politicized. i think i think they've bailed out failed economic policies and not going to raise interest rates because the president doesn't want them to. >> well, you know, that, i can't speculate on that, but i will say i'm just looking at what they're doing and what that says to me is that y, you know, they're out of ammunition and the only thing they can do here, part of the reason the stock market is selling off is because its credibility. all the fed can do now is flap their arms if they want to stimulate because they've got zero percent interest rates and a-- >> jack, sorry to cut it short. thanks for being with us. >> thank you. stuart: next, ambitious plans to build a high speed rail line from los angeles and it's being
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built by the chinese. anthony weiner is going to be here on opening bell, next. >> you're my-- you're fine and city out of the public eye. >> that's up to you to judge, my friend. i don't make my judgment for you and i don't judge you.
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treated to >> richard sherman comes from a point coming "straight outta compton." he's become one of the most successful people because he made the right choices. ashley: is talking about black matter. richard sherman rejects it. we are about a minute away from the opening bell. what set this up because we are sharply, sharply lower. looking at a loss of 250 points. at least in the early going. how the market closes this afternoon, no clue. it will open about 250 points on the downside. why is that? the morning after the federal reserveleft rates unchanged beard a strong feeling something goes on in the economy which the federal reserve is not telling us about which stops them from raising rates. also a suspicion we've got to
9:30 am
politicize and the federal reserve is doing the bidding of president obama covering up failed economic policies. member show how middle america has lost him in a vote on the ground in the last five or six years. he cares about, see the applause come at the market is opening right now. we are sharply lower. luckily go down. you will see this things no ball in the downside. while you watch back a millimeter use on the program. ashley webster of course, tom horvitz come in er burn in new york appeared no federal reserve navelgazing for anybody in the program. the fed is playing
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so we ran up our relief rally right after the announcement, ran up to 2020 and the s&p and then drop them for the rest of the day. the statements made, things are not as good as they seem. >> as you read the statement with the rest of us at that time, she did mention -- dream to ashley: she said we are very aware of the impact of the global economy. no doubt. ironic that have volatility in the u.s. markets which has been caused by a distortion created by the fed. stuart: they are in such a corner. they had flooded the economy that kept interest rates at zero for a period of years. what are they going to do now? if they raise rates they're terrified the market will crash.
9:34 am
if they don't the market goes down 193 points. i want to be a fed watcher. that is guaranteed employment for life because now we're looking at the october meeting and the december meeting in january or february. every time they make him a fed watchers will be fully employed guaranteed. you want to come into this? >> i do. the bottom line is the fed will not raise rates. they can talk out of both sides of the knob, but they are destroying the middle class and that seems to be their next goal. the middle class is not benefited the entire way up other than their 401(k)s. the earning and spending power hence the weak retail sales. stuart: i've got the numbers. in 2007, middle america 57,300.
9:35 am
2014, all the way down. 53,600. middle america getting kicked in the wallet. that's exactly what's happening. we are down 200 points. 206, 207. take a look at the big names we followed. first of all, apple. netflix i'm pretty sure is down 2.5%. one-to-one on netflix. the overall market is down so you can expect losses. wal-mart down .7%. sixty-three dollars per share. caterpillar down 118. how about mcdonald's all the way down to $96 a share. any bargains there at those prices? >> i don't think i see any real bargains.
9:36 am
i like apple when it drops down more. when you've got so many people flooding in the big names, netflix, apple, the pullback is where people have money and protect. stuart: how many people have been on the program in the last couple months saying if you like apple in the wrong rent, just buy it. now i hear wait until it comes down further. >> at so we've been talking about. train to home depot, i know you like it. so you're going to buy it. >> it is a strong stock right here. i would love to buy some again right now but the markets are every time you get the pullback of buying those dips in the stronger stock. home depot is held up well. cash flow has gone up amazingly each year for each of the past five years very strongly. it's gotten really good traction in the construction market, not
9:37 am
just on retail. we keep interest rates low, better for home sales and equities seeking a home equity loan out and doing some repair. >> i do not like it and i haven't liked it in a while. a centuries-old company that is reinvented it self is what they are in real need of. i do not like it here. it bumped up against the resistance level. its revenues have been down, cash flow dropping. train to 30 years ago sitting on the side of a different network. i said to my desk and what would you short, that means would you expect it to go down more. he said who are you, some kind of communist? it's the same today. short ibm, selleck, don't touch
9:38 am
it. >> my first job was with kodak and i did a study two years ago about the decline. stuart: now down 237 points at the latest count. on the floor of the exchange, the biggest losers on the doubt. >> on name to the downside. boeing, goldman sachs and jpmorgan. procter & gamble just turned green. boeing is for a 17 negative dow points. goldman sachs 26. jpmorgan 10 negative dow points. technology and financials are the worst of the 10 sectors. all 10 sectors are lower. some of the traders in the cell of data don't seem worried as you noted could've been so much worse. i cite ebay down 2.5%.
9:39 am
schwab and jpmorgan down 3%. that's a huge sign. they might even buy them back a little bit. stuart: thank you very much. moving onto the s&p 500. who are the biggest losers? diamond not sure, all energy related stocks and of course going down because the price of oil down 3%. ebay down big in another energy stock. to the nasdaq, big losers. some you don't know. green mountain, i think we know all of those. i'm going to check this out you. keep the list up there. look at that list. any bargains you would buy? >> that is the biggest day away from this list i've ever seen. the disaster will continue to be a disaster with what's going on
9:40 am
and that is the poster child. stuart: nothing to do with finance at all. i don't think this is a fact in the market. "the new york times" has u.s. direct talk with russia on syria. president obama would at least talk to through 10, maybe meet him. times said plans for direct talks with russia. >> russia put out a note recently in the last couple days they would be open to talking. stuart: we will talk about them about all those troops. we will send them a strong letter. the price of oil. i don't mean to be facetious or sarcastic here $45 a barrel. crude oil is down $1.52. oil off in late stock down. the price of gold. twenty-two dollars.
9:41 am
there is a rally. todd, come back on in again. twenty-one dollars higher. is that again because of the federal reserve? >> gold has found a bottom and is getting help from the federal reserve and the weaker dollar. at this point, gold had found a nice level and a built-in nice little base. gold itself with a nice chance with at least 1170. overall you want to buy gold and energy. these are the right areas. >> gold as an inflation play. we don't really have inflation right now. >> also a crisis play. when people are feeling uneasy, it's kind of saved. >> gold is not a fear play. gold is another commodity we
9:42 am
used to trade. it is not built on fear. gold never miss. old is another commodity they choose in certain places, but that is an old story that is not part of a culture we have now. gold is another commodity of trade. stuart: okay, we got it. if you say may look off to the site occasionally i am not ignoring you the viewer. i'm looking at what's going on the market. i could look directly into the camera and say that dallas down 250 points. look at cablevision bought by a european company and the new boss is a frenchman. he does not like high salaries. patrick drahi. a guy from france comes to
9:43 am
america, by his cablevision, and all american company and says i like the high salaries in america. what do you make of that? ashley: he is world famous for doing this. he rhley: he is world famous for doing this. he runs a lean and mean and that's his reputation. he wouldn't pay them at all if he could get away with it. >> since when have they been lean and mean? ashley: he goes against the grain. stuart: we now have a frenchman coming to america showing us how to run a lean and mean capitalist. >> you might be mean and then blame. there are 300 employees making more than $300,000 at cablevision. 300 employees making 300,000 or more. stuart: does that include sports? i presume it does.
9:44 am
the frenchman will have no can show whatsoever. stuart: 300 people make $300,000 a year or more at cablevision? i'm on the frenchman sighed. [laughter] moving on, target, look at that stock down not very much. the pharmacy workers at a target store in brooklyn in new york voted to join a unit. this would be the first in the company's history. ashley: 70 to two though. if the farm system pharmacists to nations. they said you should never have done this. we are in the pending sale of this part of her business to cbs than it should've never been a proud. stuart: the tactic is to get man with a small micro union and use that as a base to expand
9:45 am
elsewhere. target doesn't like it. >> the first time and a unionization that dignity has been approved in its existence. stuart: you wouldn't buy or sell that stock on the basis of a mac or unit in one store. >> not at all. this is being sold. they wanted to be target employees for very long. stuart: i want to move onto amazon. they may have single-handedly done all my christmas shopping for me because you can now buy a six-pack of their fire tablet. essentially they sell this stuff -- tell me. ashley: 60 bucks if you buy one. you get this fixed tablet for free. if you buy if you got a six-pack spare $41 each. the varney family will be rolling in tablets this holiday
9:46 am
season. >> believe me it is. this is something of course that would not affect the stock price. what you are going to have his amazon's name right up front in all kinds of news broadcasts. they will get this all over the place. >> and it's a nice little tablet to boot. you can add memory, great contrast, goodly ability. stuart: next case. i do own some of the stock. now the company wants to see their version. they want to project is on the windshields of cars. what's this all about? ashley: this is all kind of concept right now. there are reports now it is getting more serious in asia to come up with this program.
9:47 am
you could call up and see where the nearest restaurants i and through voice commands make a reservation at the restaurant. stuart: the graphic we just saw, you saw, you've put something in front of you. the headset displays are big bmws with the push in their cars down to the three series. it's catching on with consumers. stuart: i'm going to be in this thing later on the shelf. a new entertainment production in the front of the bmw. they will show me what it's all about. let's check the big word. as expected the dallas open with a big loss down 236 points as we speak. i was inaccurate prediction from the futures market. they said 200, 250. we are down to 36. except for procter & gamble.
9:48 am
i don't know what the news is, but there must be something. we've got to take a break. we must pay bills right here. we will be back in a moment active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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roll that tape, please. >> to planned parenthood, anyone who has watched videotape, i dare hillary clinton, barack obama you lot are you trying to hillary appearing on cnn was asked how she seen the videos. watch this. >> have you seen those very, very controversial videos. >> there is a move by some republicans in the congress to shut down the united states government over their demand that we no longer give federal funding to planned parenthood to peorm the really necessary health services for millions of women. stuart: on a question about e-mail, she said that is not worthy of a comment. former new york democratic congressman anthony weiner. what you make of hillary's
9:53 am
response? i was a nonresponse deflecting a non-response. what you say? >> the response was to something she said about those videos. she basically lied. stuart: you get the point of the question. >> there's hours of video. i think we've all seen the excerpts, but the issue at play she was right about. stuart: she didn't answer the question. >> iona watched fox business so i didn't see that interview. but the substance of the issue, many of your viewers haven't been shown the entire video. the question is where do people fall. i'm defending my candidate and deflecting your question. stuart: your candidate is hillary clinton. you are a clinton supporter and have been for a long, long time.
9:54 am
i know you well. i know your politics well. you are on the left. where is supporting bernie sanders? >> to some degree it's an economic decision. >> politically you are far more tories are in a sanders and hillary clinton. >> i got it wrong, hiller got it wrong. the other stuff on the featured act as well. i have a closer voting record to hillary clinton. i believe in a single payer -- stuart: tax the rich. >> it talks about changing the way we tax hedge funders. i just think there's a difference. there's no doubt about it. i like bernie sanders. my quibble with bernie sanders and i wrote about this as i would have conversations on the floor of the house all the time and i would say come be a democrat. he said of the member be a
9:55 am
democrat. in the democrat. i'm a social democrat, socialist, et cetera. not only does he want to be a democrat, he wants to be a standardbearer. stuart: i suspect you are further to the left. you are further to the left and hillary. you are much closer to bernie sanders then you are hillary. >> i just described the four big issues. i describe i go with hillary, not bernie on three of them. stuart: hillary is way on the left. >> if you mean she cares about those struggling to make it. let me ask you this, is the increased minimum wages left can't do? yes. is having health care for all americans? is having health care for all americans a left concept? stuart: wait a second. like in britain, that is way out on the left. >> is medicare a lefty concept? maybe republicans want to stop
9:56 am
medicare. medicare is running out of money. >> let me your question. they have an overhead rate of 1%. >> they are running out of money. >> are you going to let me answer or keep repeating? stuart: they're running out of money. >> is now waved at me five times. medicare is a 1% overhead. which do you think is better use of the money? stuart: when the government runs things, you're happy. i am not. >> you are only in your 40s. you have some time to way. if you believe medicare is not a good program, you probably shouldn't accept it. stuart: last time you run the fox news channel, we have enormous pride in today is a
9:57 am
lovefest. >> i haven't on an off switch. what of a fight about? i forgot. medicare for all americans. visitors from other countries. stuart: it was fun. thank you for being with us. >> invite me back. stuart: twitter pulse blast the republican party. are they talking about the same republican party that has a woman, black men, two hispanics and asian american running for president? we will show you bmws latest luxury car. you can control it with the wave of a hand. second hour of "varney & company is two minutes away. stuart:.
9:58 am
maria: ... and a partnership with hp can help you accelerate down a path created by people, technology and ideas. to move your company from what it is now...
9:59 am
to what it needs to become. (vo) wit runs on optimism.un on? it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world. >> almost resizely 10:00 eastern time, and here are the stories. the dow industrial is down 260 points in the next half hour of business. how we close today, don't know, down 260.
10:00 am
in europe, croatia has closed its borders to the migrants. hungary is raising a wire fence, another one to keep them out. donald trump does not refute a question about the president's religion and the media goes wild. and we have bmw's new super luxurious 7 series loaded with gee-whiz tech. you can control this thing with a wave of your hand, so i'm told. i'm going to go see it. "varney & company," hour two starts now. ♪ down 263 points as we speak. that is a selloff. on the dow industrials, 30 stocks in that index and all are lower except for procter & gamble, the lone winner. 30 and that's just-- no, all of them down, all in the red as we speak. and the s&p 500 has a much
10:01 am
broader index. freeport mcmoran, trans ocean, edge resources all down, because oil is down about 3% today. look at it now, please. $45 a barrel. 3.3% on the down side. good news for you, regular gas keeps falling, not much 1/10 of a cent, but down to 2.30 on the national average, 32 straight days. ashley: we love that. stuart: look at that, i love this! south carolina, buck 65. sandra: wow. stuart: at ten stations in rock hill. ashley: south carolina. no, wait a second, that's not the name of the stations, there are ten stations in south carolina with regular gas buck 65. >> ten of them. what about your neck of the wood. stuart: a colleague of main said he paid $1.74. >> going down. >> i'm filling up today. stuart: john layfield is with
10:02 am
us from of all places, bermuda. i keep laughing about this, i really do. the big selloff is in progress, you know it, you can see it and i think you believe that prices have come down on two stocks in particular, to the point where you think there are raving buys. give me number one. >> both of these stocks have to do with oil prices and what you're going to see is consolidation and mergers. the drill count is way down and at some point you'll have the oil stocks, stocks, i own it. stuart: the other one you really like, an energy stock? >> energy play, delta airlines, kind of the peter lynch, know what you own. i've flown over 7 million frequent flyer miles in my lifetime and delta is one of the best carriers there is out there, but it's incredibly cheap valuation. i think with the iran deal, especially, you could have a
10:03 am
million barrels coming on line because of the iran deal. gas prices will come down and gas prices will benefit and delta, i do own it. stuart: you're looking at a market that's falling rapidly and you're saying some of these things hit bottom and they're going to bounce. i think that's what you're saying about delta and seadrill. that's your point of view? >> that's my point of view and i'd love for apple to get below $105. i think a lot of bargains will be on-line. flowtex, i own it, i think you'll see opportunities the next six months if you sit back and wait on your price. stuart: a lot of people agree with you on apple and buying before it gets down to 105, 106. today it's about 111, i think, only down a few cents. so i think a lot of people are following your advice, but getting in before it gets down to 106. >> yeah, apple is not the innovator anymore, but making a
10:04 am
ton of cash, one of the greatest countries in the history of the world. they're improving. even if they don't come out with a revolutionary product like apple television, they've got enough. it may never get down to the 105 i had a he like to see, but i think that apple long-term is a good buy. stuart: john layfield, i want you to congratulate you, you've gone through on a two minute report, what you like and don't like without a single mention of the federal reserve. you're really good. [laughter] >> okay. you've gotten seconds left, ten seconds to you. >> look, i think the federal reserve to me, they missed the window nine to 12 months ago and trying to play catchup. what they're basically not saying what you said earlier in the show is more important,
10:05 am
they're not strong enough to raise rates. stuart: back to the beach. a serious subject that we've dwelt on, the migrant crisis in europe. listen to this, croatia now closing its doors to these people. hungary building another razor wire fence trying to get these people out. the only other way to get through to europe is slovenia and hundreds, if not thousands of people arrived there by trains. slovenia is accepting these people back, out of slovenia. walid phares is joining us today. i don't think that this crisis has gotten the coverage that it deserves in america. i think we're underestimating the impact of it on europe itself and i think you agree with me. >> absolutely. this is one of the most catastrophic demographic political crisis that europe in general, the balkans and eastern europe have been facing since world war ii.
10:06 am
i mean, the map of it just mentioned is that there's a wall forming now, bulgaria, romania to the north, hung guerra and you mentioned slovenia and croatia are stopping that wave. that wave is coming from turkey into greece, into serbia. three countries allowing the way to go and now there's a wall forming in the north of that. stuart: i want to make two points. i think a lot of the people-- i can't prove that, but seems to me that a lot of those people are not fleeing terror, they are moving because they want economic opportunity. they are economic migrants. i don't know how many, what proportion, but i think that's accurate. number two, i think these migrants are actually organized. in the pictures that we've been showing you can see them with cell phones, iphones, with maps. kind of organizing where to go. it seems like we're not being presented with a true picture of who they are and what they want. what do you say? >> well, i agree with you.
10:07 am
this is much more complex than the way mainstream media, all media, for that matter, is trying to describe then. the wave by itself is legitimized because there is a problem in syria otherwise you'd see it coming from many other countries. you would see ten million coming from egypt. it's not happening. there's a crisis ascending the wave. who is riding crest of the wave are people looking for many things. you see the families of individuals who are going and afraid and you see many people want to go and get jobs and of course, you see in the background you just mentioned an organized network of militants so you have three layers cake moving throughout the balkans into europe. stuart: i don't see any solution in europe to this crisis. i just don't see it, do you? >> the europeans are looking at borders issues. the europeans are looking at each other country state, the problems and the wound is between turkey and syria and europe doesn't want to go there because america, the
10:08 am
administration doesn't want to go there. stuart: walid phares, always a pleasure. thank you for joining us, thank you. >> thank you. stuart: liz macdonald liz: quickly news on this front, no indication that the six gulf states including saudi arabia will increase their intake of syrian refugees. certainly closer than travelling thousands of miles. >> did anybody take in, but jordan? and reports that china is partnering with the u.s. to build a high speed rail between los angeles and las vegas. that's the latest we hear and that's a pictures of it. ashley: bullet train liz: a bullet train. take hour and a half instead of four hours to get there. stuart: i thought we were building a bullet train in california from nowhere to nowhe nowhere. who is building this?
10:09 am
>> we don't know. >> it's supposed to cost $5 1/2 billion. stuart: okay. do you happen to know if china is importing workers to build this. >> do not know that yet. stuart: is mainland china going to empty so we can build this line? i'm on dangerous ground. one of these days we'll get a bloody answer. new jersey's state appeals court ruling that atlantic's borgata casino has the right to regulate the weight of their waitresses, wait staff. liz macdonald liz: if you want to be a borgata's babe, when you're hired-- >> babe? liz: that's what they're called. stuart: officially called liz: officially called. stuart: you weren't interjected liz: no, i would never do that. when you're hired you cannot
10:10 am
lose or gain more than 7% of your weight. hey, wait a second this puts us in a hostile work environment. we've got customers that say you look fat or pregnant, and borgata says it's in their hiring practices. stuart: you know the rules when you went in and don't try to change them when you're in. ashley: the point is that it's a hostile work environment and supervisors are making comments. stuart: sue them for something else liz get rid of them. stuart: where are you coming from, ash. ashley: i'm supporting the babes. they're trying to make a living. stuart: we're all walking on a tightrope liz: that's my fault, i shouldn't have given their job title. stuart: bail me out, lauren
10:11 am
simonetti. >> i'm not touching you with a 10-foot pole. amazon is selling six packs of the new tablets, if you buy five, amazon will throw in a sixth fire for free, total cost $250. keep in mind, the tablet is subsidized and will see advertisements unless you pay to avoid them. the and in you barbie doll that can talk back. hello barbie uses artificial intelligence to have a conversation with your chile. she hits the market in november, costs $75, but parents are concerned about privacy, worried about hacking and eavesdropping because barbie's conversations will be recorded in the cloud and they can get that conversation on their smart phone, which is tricky because they can hear what the kid is saying to the doll. stuart: privacy. does a child, a very young child have privacy by law?
10:12 am
do they? i don't think they do. >> i don't think they're worried about the child having privacy, but potential for hackers to come in and hearing what the kid likes and selling that information to other toy companies. it's where you can go with this. stuart: i'm sorry, i interrupted. >> no worries, i just want to show you cool images from space right now. nasa is release them. they're from pluto. they were taken last month as the new horizon spacecraft makes its way past the planet. icy mountain, lots of fog and a landscape that's dramatic by the sun. ashley: icy mountains and fog. >> yes. >> european-- >> you can tell it's friday. tune in weekday mornings at 5:00 a.m. lauren and nicole take you through the day the first hour
10:13 am
and it's a great way to start business. independent trolls taking to twitter to slam the republicans for only appealing to rich white men. what? charlie kirk says what about ben carson? charlie kirk is next. first at a target employees at a new york store, voted in favor of unionizing. explain in a moment. no impact on the stock. if you can't put a feeling into words, why try? philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before, making it the most loved electric toothbrush brand
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10:16 am
>> if i say the world stability, please don't jump all over me. >> never. >> i'm going to say that minus 200 and we've been there 40 minutes now is relatively stability. >> we've stabilized. stuart: we have stabilized. >> okay, here we go. stuart: you're in sync liz: yes, i am. stuart: look at that, we've got two of the dow 30 stocks which are not down. one of them, procter & gamble is up and they've moved into the green column. look at the price of oil.
10:17 am
that to some degree is down a buck 50. and in the s&p 500, 39 of the 40 energy stocks are down. some of the biggest losers on your screen right now. when i say big losers, that 3, 4, 5% down, energy stocks all. look at target, pharmacy workers at a target store in brooklyn, new york have voted to unionize, big deal. elizabeth macdonald has more. >> the unions are failing and they're not getting to unionize entire stores, so what they're doing they're microunionizing, selecting different departments in stores to unionize, they did it with a macy's in massachusetts and perfume counter there. wait a second, our stores have multiple departments, this is going to wreck worker morale, worker efficiency, the law says that all workers function as one unit, therefore one
10:18 am
company. >> pitting them against each other. >> pitting them against each other and this is how the unions are in. and target actually is trying to sell their pharmacy to cvs. unionizing them, that's going to muck up that sale potentially. stuart: i understand that. it's a big deal liz: a big story. stuart: i want to get back to the g.o.p. debate. looking to the stage some viewers took to twitter and expressed that the g.o.p. field is all rich old white men. charlie kirk is a millennial. one of our favorite millennials and i think he's going to be the president of the united states one day. now, you, charlie, you took the twitter people to task and they're all old rich white men and you come along and say not so. what did you do? >> yeah, i said not so fast, my friend. i asked these young people on twitter, trying to get this #oldrichwhiterepublicans trending on twitter and i said, first of all, those who live in
10:19 am
glass houses should not be throwing stone, every democrat running for president is white and old and the republicans are literally making history with this presidential field. let's go over it really quick. there have been four latinos in the history of the united states that have run for president two of them are current republican candidates, marco rubio and ted cruz. there has been one indian-american ever to run for president of the united states his name is bobby jindal a current g.o.p. candidate not to mention dr. carson who grew up in poverty a neuro surgeon and carly fiorina, far more qualified than hillary clinton. we've got them on twitter trying to drum up a false stigma that the republican party is rich white men, when that's the democrat party. stuart: and if you want to win you've got to bring people into the party and create a more
10:20 am
diverse party. the republican party is doing it. i don't get it. so now the republican party is being criticized for not doing it when in fact they are doing it. >> you're right. and we need to own this. we need to say listen, the democrats are the party of old, rich, white people. hillary clinton is the richest, besides donald trump, is the richest person running for the president of the united states. let's also talk about this old stigma. the youngest people running for president of the united states are republicans, scott walker, bobby jindal, ted cruz and marco rubio all under the age 50. three of them are 44, jindal cruz and rubio are 44. youngest is martin o'malley at 49 and bernie sanders nearly double the age of some of the republicans running for the president of the united states. and it's absolutely ludicrous and ridiculous. if anybody believes in center right philosophies this is 0 your opportunity to say the republican are true diversity of thought, race and economic
10:21 am
status. and scott walker just got done paying or student loans as did marco rubio. stuart: and you're running for 2044, and i'll bring that back and take it to 2040. >> i'll take it. stuart: thanks, charlie kirk. and american middle income falling and i say the policies of the left are to blame. my take on that is next. at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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>> ♪ stability ♪ oh. well, look, i'm only halfway joking. we've been down 200 points for 40 minutes. stabilizing on the down side. ashley: exactly. stuart: i'm looking at a gap
10:25 am
here. ashley: we're with you, stuart. stuart: i've got something serious here, this is about political correctness. an audience member at a donald trump event flat-out says that trump does not come to the president's defense and the left is outraged about that and we'll get the take from a democrat on that subject later in the program. and bmw's latest super luxury car, you can control it with a wave of the hand. i'm going to go outside and try it. ashley: watch out liz: clear the roads. ashley: on the left-hand side of the road. stuart: it should be topic one for hillary clinton, she doesn't sit down for interviews. i'm talking about the hit to the wallet that middle american suffered in the obama years. the number, 53,600 that's the median household income now. here is the shock.
10:26 am
it was 57,300 in 2007. that's a drop of $3,700, 6 1/2%. that's a very sad record of policy failure. the president never misses a chance to tell the american people the recovery is on track, but it is not. middle america is in sharp decline and we can feel it. wait, there's more. 46 million people are in poverty now and that's up 2% from the bush years. you've got to go back to the 1930's to find such a long period of financial stress. we recovered quickly from previous recessions, this time we didn't. in fact, we're still languishes in stagnation and decline. why? it's policy. failed policy. president obama walked into the white house january of '09 and decided to juice things up with massive government spending. then he decided to rein in those wicked private enterprise with onerous regulation, it was
10:27 am
a chronic failure, middle america is in bad shape. hillary clinton won't change things, bernie sanders will say told you. tax the rich to make it fair and the republicans regrettably, the candidates who have a real recovery plan are behind in the polls and in the debate, the growth guys took a back seat. no wonder nonpoliticians are leading the republican pack. and no wonder they express outrage and anger. they put the blame where it belongs on the failed policies of president obama, they blame prosperity and middle america knows it. awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform.
10:28 am
because active investment management isn't reactive. ♪ most advanced satellite, the space station, or the next leap in unmanned systems. at boeing, one thing never changes. our passion to make it real. ♪
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10:30 am
. stuart: dare a say we're coming back a bit? yes, i say. down 177 instead of 260 and look at this. now we've got only 28 of the dow 30 down we've got a couple
10:31 am
of them that are up. and i think i see 90 -- >> apple's down? neil: a fraction. >> got it. stuart: check the price of oil, down $45 an oil. here's some good news. price of regular gas keeps falling overnight, a tenth of percent but 2.30 is your national average. and look at this from the census bureau. look at the numbers. median household income. 57.3 about -- that was 2007. today 53.6. now, that's down 6.5%. after the bell, cohost melissa francis are with us. >> the numbers right there. stuart: yeah. not from the right wing think tank, that's -- >> income inequality has risen in this country. stuart: all right. why is median income, middle america, why are they losing so much ground? >> okay. so this is what's killing me.
10:32 am
yesterday janet got out there in her press conference and said that easy monetary policy has put people back to work in diminished income equality and i fell off my chair in my office onto the ground and that's mathematically and factually incorrect and it's so distressing to me that the woman who's in charge of our map, our money, i mean numbers are supposed to be her thing that she got that wrong. she's not supposed to be political. i don't know if she's unfamiliar with the data that's coming out of the senses, so i tweeted that out . stuart: let me role the bite because i think we've got a sound bite. just roll the tape for a second. >> to me, putting people back to work and seeing a strengthening of the labor market that has a did i say pro importantly effect portions of our population that's not something that
10:33 am
increases income equality. stuart: hold on a second. let me tell the audience what you tweeted out. i think i've got a copy of that on the screen. okay. you said whoa. >> more like that. louder. stuart: whoa, loose monetary policy puts back to work and income inequality. is she living on another plant? >> so i tweet all the time, i have some great followers out there, 277 people retweeted it, which is a lot for me, for us, i'm a smart ass on sweater, i mean to me, it was so shocking because everybody on both sides of the aisle agree that income inequality has gotten larger during this loose monetary policy and the president in office the top 1% has gotten wealthier because they put their money in the stock market, this loose money and the stock market has been driven higher because of fed policy, regardless no matter what you think about why stocks are up. >> missing in this whole
10:34 am
debate too the top 20% pay 80% of the federal income taxes. what the administration and this subject it's, like, hope and change the subject; right? they don't want to talk about it. and, by the way, according to the federal reserves on data, your number that you decided to is also lower than what it was in 1996. so median household income is 96, 97. stuart: my conclusion is that the fed is politicized. >> or ranged or can't do math or can't read data but their main job is numbers, this is not opinion, this is fact, income inequality has risen she says has gone down, i find that very troubling. >> the federal reserve think so they can fix income inequality. stuart: yeah, -- the fact that she comes out and says something that is factual wrong. >> right. you can have your opinion how we got here, what we should do from here, but you can't argue that income inequality has gotten smaller.
10:35 am
it's gotten bigger. . stuart: what time is your show today? >> 4:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox business network with david, my partner right there. come join us from more outrag. stuart: that's what i wanted to hear. >> we are outraged. lots of tweets. stuart: don't set him off about the fed. >> he hates the fed. >> no. he loves the fed. stuart: difference of opinions here. what is it? >> hate. hate. hate. he's my tv husband, i can say it. stuart: thank you very much, liz. see you later. >> thank you. stuart: move on to donald trump one of his supporters, one of the person in the crowd last night that president obama was a muslim. trump deflected that. listen to what he said. >> we have a problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even america.
10:36 am
>> we need this question. >> but anyway, we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. that's my question. >> we're going to be looking at a a lot of different things and a lot of people are saying that and saying that bad are things happening out there, we're going to be looking at that and plenty of other things. stuart: now, on the left saying trump should have refuted the essence of the question. should have rerouted it, not deflected it but refuted it, he did not refute, he deflected. and jessica is with us right now. why should he -- and i think you're in this camp, why should donald trump have to say you are wrong. >> doesn't have to. stuart: well, he didn't. >> i know. he never does anything that i think he should do. and the left is criticizing. >> of course because he's the front runner. but in this case they have a point. donald trump has made it his business. stuart: he has a point? >> yeah. good news; right? i
10:37 am
mean donald trump in an interview a few weeks ago deflected again on this question. we know barack obama is an american. we know he's a christian. what does it do beside rowel up a base that -- certainly not people that i want to hang out with, by the way, not that they want to hang out with me, by letting this false narrative continue. stuart: is that a free speech issue? >> the lying? is that a free speech? . stuart: no, wait a second. i think the popularity of trump is that he breaks through this political correctness. >> yeah. stuart: he speaks freely. in this case he didn't. he just didn't say anything. i don't think you really heard it properly. but, look, i'm not making excuses here. why is trump so popular and one of the answers is that he cuts through the political correctness, he says what a lot of people are thinking, at least. he brings these things out in the public, and you can't
10:38 am
10:39 am
10:40 am
10:41 am
10:42 am
stuart: up next. high-tech on the
10:43 am
highways, bmw's latest luxury sedan, i'm heading outside, and i'm going to -- excuse me. i'm going to control the radio by waving my hand. let's hope it works. >> good luck hi my name is tom. i'm raph. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom. don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up, because we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. sometimes they just drop in. always obvious. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities.
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we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. ♪ >> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief.
10:45 am
stocks are down across the board like that the day after the fed release rates, the dow jones down 211 points, in fact, we've seen the s&p, the dow, and the nasdaq all down and roughly 1% of the dow trying to hold onto gains for the week, we're seeing all 30 dow components in the red back and forth between red and green. goldman sachs are the worth, goldman sachs down over 2%. cheryl just shows you energy, a lot of energy names. and certainly under significant pressure also seeing materials and financials under pressure. utilities giving it a go once again and of course utilities and, by the way, that's .3%, not a full 3 person most knowledgeable points. and an ipo today, surging on its first day of trading and we want you to kick it off every day at 5:00 a.m. on fox business can a business have a mind?
10:46 am
a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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business.we're back, everyone, and i am comfortably in the backseat of a bmw, the brand-new 7 series bmw. this is a luxury item. i'm in the backseat because gary, fox news car guy is in the front seat, and he's going to demonstrate something -- which is supposed to be revolutionary, the control of the entertainment system with his bare hands.
10:48 am
okay? gary, it's yours. >> i do want you to get a little bit more relaxed back there, though, there's this pad that comes with the car. stuart: yeah. >> hook you up with a full body massage. stuart: you're kidding me. >> tell me how you like that. it will kick in in just a second. this is bmw new flagship sedan, all the bells and whistles, including one you've never seen in the car, your entertainment system up there, blank screen all i have to do is this and turn it on. stuart: all you did was bang. >> just like that with my fingers, just control the first time they corporate into one of the cars, turn up the volume listen to what we were doing a couple of seconds ago. turn that back down a little bit there. if ashley happen to call me on the phone right now, i would just point at it and answer the call. if you call me on the phone, i could swipe it like that, and
10:49 am
it sends it to voice mail. >> this is pretty good and that massage device is working. >> you're enjoying that; right? stuart: what else have you got? >> an exercise feature along with the entertainment stuff, also this virtual parking camera. i can do a little bit of a sort of minority report here, move the camera around and as i'm parking, it will show us exactly where we are on the road. this car has night vision, all that kind of fun stuff. just the control through. stuart: and how did you do that? the one on the right-hand side. how did it show you the position of the car on the road or relate presidential? >> there are camera all around the car underneath the rearview mirrors and the back and the front, if stitches them together to do this view and then computer magic to put the car in place there, and you can move it aren't a little bit. so if i'm backing up, i could get a good view of what's going on. stuart: moment of truth, you're the car guy, you're the expert, you've done this kind
10:50 am
of thing before, do you like it? >> the key to technology it has to solve a problem, it has to be better than what it replaces, i thought this was going to be very gimmicky, this is a little bit difficult, i think they have to work on that but as far as turning it on and off, the volume, that works well, the phone call works well, i think you're going to see a lot more of this in future cars, definitely bpmws, i think other companies are going to do it as well. stuart: have they given it to you for the weekend? >> it has a 440-horsepower twin turbo engine. stuart: okay. everybody, i've got to come back inside. we'll have more "varney & company" in just a moment. but i kind of like to here. got to say. i've smoked a lot
10:51 am
and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge
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10:54 am
. >> donald trump firing back at critics after getting slammed from the left about not responding to the question about president obama being muslim. what is trump saying now? >> well, ashley, trump really is doubling down this morning taking criticism from presidential candidates on both sides. last night at a down haul event in which trump was
10:55 am
taking questions an audience member called president obama a muslim and said he's not even an american. trump responded to that question without correcting the claims. the republican front runner is sticking to his style of not backing down, releasing a statement earlier this morning saying quote the media wants to make this issue about obama. the bigger issue is that obama is waging a war against christians in this country. christians need support in this country, their religious liberty is at stake. hillary clinton said donald trump not saying statements about president obama it's just plane wrong. cut it out. and chris christy who said on the today show that trump needed to correct the record. ashley. >> all right, blake, thanks so much. >> well, we have a full two hours of "varney & company" now in the books. here are the highlights. we've got more varney just two minutes away. >> there is a crisis that is sending the wave. now, who is riding on the crest of that wave are many
10:56 am
people for thinking many things. you see the families of individuals who are going, who are afraid, and then you see many people who want to go and get jobs and of course you see in the background and you just mentioned an organized network of militants. so you have three layers case moving throughout into europe. >> they're trying to get this hashtag old rich white republicans trending on twitter. and i said, first of all, those who live in glass houses should not be throwing stones because every democrat running for president is white and old and the republicans are literally making history with this presidential field. >> medicare has a 1% overhead. your health insurance has about a 20% overhead. which do you think is the better use of the money. stuart: when the government runs things, you're happy. i'm not. >> you're in your 40s, you have sometime to wait . stuart: awe that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on
10:57 am
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10:58 am
10:59 am
stuart: donald trump deflects a question. outrage from the media.
11:00 am
hillary clinton deflects a question? nothing from the media. in fact, has approval from the media. yes, here we go again. the double standard from a hopelessly bias media that claims to be neutral. start with trump. in a town haul meeting, asked about the president's religion. the questioner says he's a muslim. trump doesn't answer directly. for that, he is sharply criticized because he didn't refute the questioners allegation. raise the issue for the president and the media insists you say it is a quote disproven rumor. and trump's a bad guy for not saying that. now to hillary clinton. in the debate carly fiorina demanded that she watch the planned parenthood video. so cnn, wolf blitzer asked hillary have you seen it? she did not answer. she deflected saying the funding of planned parenthood should not be used to fund the government. how about those e-mails? not worthy of comment she
11:01 am
said. blitzer did not pursue either question. it's a double standard. if you don't conform the political correctness the elites through the media will chase you down and try to run you out of town. but if you lie like harry reed no word, you are on the left, you are therefore morally superior. i suppose we have to get used to this double standard but that doesn't mean we have to stay quiet. as trump says, the silent majority is becoming the noisy majority. ♪ ♪ . stuart: all right. now, we're still down a -- okay down 178. i'm not going to say stability, we've come back a little. we were down 250, 260 earlier. 28 of the dow 30 are down, two of them nike are up.
11:02 am
and the biggest gains in the s&p 500, take a look at them because they're all energy companies basically up and down the line. losing what? four, five, six, even 7% way down. that's because the price of oil. look at it now. off 2%, $45 per barrel. that's why energy stocks are so -- so far down just watch and go. there's another group of energy stocks, all of them down. regular gasoline in the united states, the average for the nation is 2.30 -- big thumbs up from ashley. >> yeah. that's great. . stuart: all right. both of you, the fed supposed to provide stability for the economy, suddenly looks to me cheryl, ashley, like the feds become the regularity of the stock market. >> they seem to have gotten it wrong, based on the commentary of the press conference yesterday. stuart: i just don't think that they are telling us the full story about the state of the -- >> they've lost the credibility, i believe the markets -- the credibility for the markets has gone down the tubes. >> right.
11:03 am
>> i really do. they're on the sidelines now. stuart: i'm trying to read between the lines. you think then if the fed had raised rates, the market wouldn't be down? the fed would have some credibility? >> i think, yes. i say "yes" to your question because to ashley's point we both agree they lost credibility yesterday, and every goalpost they set for themselves, they have blown off. stuart: they're scared of raising rates because as they said in the statement there, that would hurt foreign markets overseas. >> right. stuart: but they're in a corner. they boxed right in there. >> right. their own fault. stuart: down 176. but, again, who knows where this market closes at 4:00 eastern. >> rip off the band-aid and then we can actually have a real market that's trading on reality versus trading on the fed's inability to admit their mistake. stuart: rip off the band-aid the intense -- >> i stole that from sandra smith. stuart: that's fine. i'm going to move on to politics and scott walker. didn't exactly stand out in the debate this week. and later i asked him about
11:04 am
whether he's having money problems. listen to this. >> income inequality has actually gone up under barack obama's economy. it's poverty sadly has gotten worse. income is going down, you look at this and barack obama's policies have largely laid into that and who's going to take care of that? hillary clinton, someone who she and her husband, bill clinton made $25 million last year, that's not the answer, it's to have a plan to get the government out of the way, not to grow washington, the government in washington. stuart: that was scott walker right after the debate. and joining us on the phone and scott walker supporter, anthony, you are a scott walker fundraiser. >> yeah. stuart: how long can he keep going if he doesn't come up with six, sex, eight percent on the polls. >> well, i'm his national finance chair, so i'm looking at the mass stuart, we were with the governor all day yesterday. he's had been called dead man walker twice in the last five years and always recovered.
11:05 am
i agree with you. he's got to start get up in the polls but we're going to have enough money to get him to the next several debates but we have a big fundraising day next week on the 24th. stuart: so he's not out? i think in the moment he's at the 2, 3% range and the least amount of time in the debate and he's got the money to stay stay in what? the rest of the year? >> well, listen, i don't think -- i don't want to say that because who knows where the polls are going to go. but he's at 4.4 in iowa and if you screen where he is, and you see what he's doing organizationally, we have the money to keep him in iowa, and we have the money to get him to the next several debates. so for me, we're with frank longs yesterday, stuart, we did a fundraiser at his home in l.a. yesterday morning and frank said, you know, he gave a historical comparison to other candidates in scott's position, all of which got to the eventual iowa, new hampshire and got the shot at the presidency.
11:06 am
so i think he's going to -- i think he's going to be there, stuart. stuart: basically you're saying to me, anthony, that he's got the money to stay in, he's got the will to stay in, and he stays in. >> he's cheap, stuart, very cheap guy. stuart: that makes two of us. you got me. thanks very much for joining us. >> all right. stuart: i'm going to move on to the on going migrant crisis in europe. croatia, the latest company to close its borders. and hungary building another razor wire fence and patrolling the border with machine guns. hundreds of refugees trying to enter. authorities have stopped rail traffic and sending people back to croatia, just what a mess, humanitarian mess too. joining us now former congressman ron paul. it's always a pressure, i've known you for years, welcome back to the program, sir. >> thank you very much. stuart: why do you say that this migrant crisis is america's fault. sir, before
11:07 am
you start, i'll make the case that it is america's fault for allowing the rise of isis and for not doing anything about syria. but you say it goes all the way back to the gulf war, don't you? i know that's what you're going to say. >> well, i guess it's a sequence of things. and syria and everything is involved. but the people who don't want to admit that our foreign policy has some responsibility for blow back and the unattended consequences i think are getting things misplaced. for instance, take a look at where the migrants are coming from. they're coming from afghanistan, iraq, and syria, principally and those are three countries that we've been orchids for years and sometimes decades to try to have regime change. so we destabilize these countries cause chaos, economic problem, and finally the people immediately want to leave. so, yes, -- the regime change at@attitude of our government is responsible for much of this mess. stuart: originally stabilize
11:08 am
the -- i think that's a fair argument. but you fast-forward to what? 2010, 2011, and iraq had been largely pacified, largely peaceful and president obama just withdrew all troops, nobody left behind. gone. that destabilized iraq and in syria, they gassed their own people, crossed the red line and -- why are you laughing? seriously? why are you laughing? >> i consider that an amazing analysis because we go in there in '03, create a war, kill hundreds of thousands of people, we deliver iraq -- let me, stuart, let me try to finish that thought. and then we deliver iraq to iran and then there's -- the destabilization isn't because we didn't stay. i mean that's the liberal viewpoint and that's obama's viewpoint, blame it on bush because he didn't stay. stuart: congressman, are you
11:09 am
calling me a liberal here? come on. i've known you for years. >> you're supporting obama's argument. obama says it was bush because he didn't stay. in that case. stuart: all right. i've got one more thing for you, and i know you'll like this. i want to ask you your thoughts on donald trump who clearly had a go on at your son. just listen to this for a second. i know you've seen it, see it again. >> not worried to have someone like that in charge of the nuclear arsen. >> i never attacked him on his look and believe me, there's plenty of subject matter. stuart: he was having a go there, what do you say? >> he better watch out because somebody said i started to look like him. but let me tell you what trump does. if he's i don't understand, and rand did with serious thoughts on issues, trump has a good way and then in the media gobbled it up and never press him for answers.
11:10 am
maybe a little bit more now. but this is a technique who has been used to dismiss the individual who is saying something in order to diverge from discussing the issue. so if you present an issue, then it becomes very, very personal, and he's not getting away with it quite as much as he has been before, but you've got to deal with the issues eventually. stuart: as always, congressman, up against an heartbreak. you know it well. but thanks for joining us, sir. >> you're welcome. stuart: on the show today, we have anthony on to talk about hillary clinton. a lot of you told us on social media that you didn't like seeing mr. wynn on the show at all. the appearance was a lot more than you might have expected. >> you're in your 40s, you have sometime to wait. but if you believe in medicare, it is not a good program, then you probably shouldn't accept it. stuart: you know, last time you were on with me in the fox
11:11 am
news channel, we had an enormous fight and today it's a love fest. >> . stuart: i think some of our viewers wanted more of a fight, and i'm telling you, cheryl, ashley, i don't want it to evolve into a shouting match. >> it's good to have someone like anthony on the show because it shows the liberal bias and how have made out of touch and desire for government of what a failure it is shown to be so put him on the spot. stuart: i'm looking at cheryl and you wanted me to have a fight with him, wouldn't you? >> i wish you wouldn't have him on the show. i'm not a fan of anthony at all. but i'm just company. i have no opinion. stuart: you stay on the show for the next hour. we say this all the time, the nfl is a juggernaut and you're right. week one's games saw record ratings and now getting together with snapchat. what is that all about? and later later this hour, john tapper on the rise of fantasy football and how the bar ask restaurant business is catering to the fantasy game.
11:12 am
we'll ask you to design his it dream fantasy football bar. how about that? awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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11:15 am
stuart: all right. we're almost two hours into the session, and we are down 170 points this friday morning aafter the fed left rates unchanged yesterday. don't forget about gold. on the upside today, 19-dollar gain. and the nfl pulling record ratings last weekend. the highest rated weekend one ever. and now they're teaming up with snapchat. not sure what that's all about, but j jo jo ling kent is going to explain. >> snapchat is worth $16 billion, hundreds of millions of people are using it, and the idea is to provide behind the scenes video and photo of nfl games from both fans and inside the nfl and sharing that on snapchat. what does the nfl get out of it? well, all the millennial
11:16 am
users, almost 200 million of them are on snapchat right now. stuart: i can get video on snapchat. >> yes. stuart: from the nfl? >> video -- stuart: how long does it last? 10 seconds? >> it lasts 24 hours, so it will be published in the live stories. so if you're at an nfl stadium, you post a video and then it goes out to anyone who can watch. stuart: nfl is king. >> and snapchat is also king. stuart: it is now. jo ling, thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. stuart: the view, the program, taking a hard hit from advertisers after two cohosts made remarks about kelly johnson. she was ms. colorado in sunday's ms. america pageant and she appeared on the competition in scrubs and then performed a monologue about being a nurse. watch this. >> and she came in her nurse uniform and read her e-mails out loud. >> why does she have a stethoscope around her neck. stuart: well, they weren't nice to her.
11:17 am
>> most nurses know how to use stethoscopes. just pointing that one out. stuart: with the washington examiner and she's right with us right now. they were not very nice to had he. >> they weren't very nice. but what we've seen today is a couple of companies are now pulling out of the view. they're pulling their advertisements and reaction to this. and -- stuart: who is it? >> johnson & johnson and i'm drawing a blank on the other company right now. >> the big ones. stuart: so a bank and j and j out. >> yeah. and this is the type of knee-jerk reaction that i would see americans are getting sick and tired of. stuart: who's reaction? >> johnson & johnson. stuart: you don't approve of them? >> i don't. stuart: whoa. >> i think these comments were in poor taste, i do thank but at the same time what these companies could do that perhaps would be more productive is encourage the view to have some nurses come on to talk about their stories to educate them because clearly the hosts that made these jokes aren't educated. >> it's their money. they can do what they want. >> correct. stuart: and they are a medical company essentially.
11:18 am
johnson & johnson. >> right. and we're seeing this boycott reaction so frequently, we saw it with nbc, univision, macy's, in reaction to donald trump's comments, and when you have these, they become less and less -- stuart: it's always the left that objects to something and imposes a boycott. i think this is the right. this is people saying, hey, don't be nasty about nurses. they're wonderful people. >> i think that it would be much more productive to bring some nurses on to have a fun segment to, you know, have these hosts apologize, which they have done. but, again, educate them, have nurses share their stories, say, you know, look, we wear scrubs to work, this wasn't a costume that this girl was wearing with we use stethoscopes. stuart: but i would argue that and i don't notice johnson just got much better publicity by saying this and pulling out -- >> supporting nurses. stuart: than they would have by doing anything else and it's their money. >> i agree with you. i respectfully disagree with you with the fact that companies have to protect their brand. it is money out of their
11:19 am
pocket that was the last time associating with something nasty and negative. they're protecting their bottom line. >> and consumers will fly, and they will fly to a different brand very quickly. >> they lose in this one. >> again. hospitals as well. >> i don't think these comments are nasty. i think they were in bad taste. >> they were stupid. they were stupid. . stuart: thank you very much. >> thank you. stuart: totally wrong but thank you. [laughter] . stuart: michael jordan made a lot of money playing baseball, but would you believe he made more money this year in endorsements than he has made in his entire playing career? got some numbers for you in a moment excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch...
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switch to liberty mutual insurance and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. stuart: all right. everybody, cue the harp. a bit late but we got it. looking for some stability, maybe we got it. minus 176, been there for quite sometime. check the price of oil. we're down, we're off 3% at $45 a barrel. look at adobe. that's up on the day. nearly 3%. they got more money coming into them. everybody likes that. more than a decade since michael jordan played professional basketball yesterday he remains one of the world's highest paid athletes. he brought in over $100 million in the past year
11:24 am
are just in endorsements. that's more than he made his entire playing career when he was actually playing basketball. is he on the billionaires list? >> he's going to be. isn't it amazing? in fact, he is now -- number three but it is expected by forbes to crunch the numbers of his net worth that he is going to be number one come next year. stuart: in athletes? >> in athletes because right now mayweather and pacquiao, unless they have another fight with each other, jordan is going to become number one. and nike air jordan owns that division, under nike and those shoes are off the chart. >> just shows how good he was that his name still. stuart: tiger woods would have been on that list but he got a divorce and started losing. >> and the women. stuart: check the share price of amazon. they're gel sell six-packs of their new $50 tablets.
11:25 am
>> yeah. this is a 7-inch tablet, you can be on the internet, read books, but it's $50 if you buy one but if you buy the six-pack, it would be $41 a taliban, so we've been joking all morning that the varney family is going to be come the holidays. stuart: but that is a bargain. buy the six tablets for $250. >> that's a smart move. stuart: great for schools. >> they're not making any money, though, but they're supposedly going to make money from the commerce that comes from the tablets. stuart: yeah. look at how much publicity they're getting out of this, they have a tablet, cheap tablet, amazon, amazon, amazon, it's not making any difference to the stock. >> no. stuart: but it makes a huge difference to their image. $50 tablets, are you kidding me? you think i can resist that? look at it. it's up $5 now. its 1%.
11:26 am
see, cheryl, you're turning your nose at it. >> they need to make more money. sorry. stuart: how is this for a subject? a lot of talk on income inequality. and raising salaries in this country but the new numbers show a very sorry statistic. we'll have it for you in a moment
11:27 am
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11:30 am
stuart: look at the big word please. now we are down 190. 16484 appeared 28 of the dow, one is unchanged from the one from the procter & gamble little bit. big losers on the s&p 500. the right hand side is a percentage losses in time. stay on the market. jmp security president mark lehman is here. i am sick and tired of the federal reserve is a market regulator. i am tired of them with their policy mistakes and i'm tired of all these fed watchers confusing the devil out of me. are you tired of all of this, too? >> i may be tired of it, but i don't think we are finished with it. this has been the way it is bad. watching the fed for the last month as the market go up and down with dependent saying that they're going to say. i thought we were watching the
11:31 am
nfl first weekend. everyone had an opinion and people are right and people were wrong. stuart: dater in a corner. they've lost control. they don't know what to do and they are really really not failed economic policy by keeping going with zero interest rate. the basic premises they lost control. do you agree with that? >> was definitely decided that policymakers can decide where we are going in the open markets are less likely to decide things. janet yellen and her team have decided the worldwide debacle shown within china and commodities are more tuned to domestic issues and they will pay more attention to god domestically and elevated center for the next 36 months. stuart: i want to be a fed
11:32 am
watcher. income security for life because we'll never get rid of the need to interpret what the federal reserve is supposed to be doing next. this will go all the way through to next year. last word to you, sir. >> i think this will go on until it doesn't go on. the market would've loved one in done language that those were watching. we are not area. we are going to keep talking like we talked today. stuart: mark lehman, thank you for joining us. it's an important subject. i hate covering it. thank you very much. we appreciate it. look at this. median household income down 6.5%. 536 now. university of maryland economics professor is here. peter, i say those miserable numbers are the result of policy
11:33 am
failures. >> absolutely. this is an indictment on obama nomex. free health care, free food connoisseur interest rate policy. the trouble is no incentive for people to get out of work. how can we have household incomes rising when 7 million men 25 to 54 are sitting watching espn and getting their health care off medicaid. the whole situation is that there. stuart: you used to be really big on the issue. china was the villain was your point of view for a long time. are they the villain now? >> they are part of the villain. obama economics has made it worse. so much more has been labeled on top of that. it's a problem in the bush years and now that so much more is on top of that. income redistribution and the
11:34 am
cuts in preaching to people not doing well. through no fault of your own, personal responsibility is outside the lexicon of this present administration. stuart: in my opinion, the way out of this is through political change. you agree? >> absolutely. i have to say i didn't see a lot of promise during the debate. after all, carly was a picture of your responsibility running away from her record. her preference to plan parenthood. stuart: what disappointed me with no mention of this extraordinary shrinkage in middle american in time. when you go down 6.5%, i would've thought that would've been a focal point for republicans can look at this, look at this. very little discussion of how to get some growth. it wasn't fair.
11:35 am
>> basic ruin in journalism to stay away from numbers. we know that except on the financial shows. chris christie tried to take it back there. hussein is very nice to hear about trumps life and carly's life and all the rest, but what we really carry about is the guy trying to earn a living. the moderators at cnn were interested in it don't trump staircase and build up early platform. i was almost trying to create the news more than provide a meaningful discussion. was it the post of minister called post of minister called it the clown news network when they were done? stuart: that was the daily news. bad news network on the cnn right on the cover. peter, we'll see you again soon. quickly let me show you the dow industrials. again, i daresay stability that we are not dropping any further. we are two hours into the
11:36 am
session. we've been around a level roughly speaking for much of the day. i don't know how we close am i. but we are down and even 200. i shouldn't say stability. >> very low energy. [laughter] stuart: thank you very much. earlier point about the media double standard when it comes to donald trump and hillary clinton. trump fails to rebuke a claim that president obama is a muslim in the media kills him. hillary does answer direct questions and basically gets a pass. charlie gasparino is here. >> i was going to do my donald trump impersonation with the hat. but this is a serious issue. stuart: it's all over the media this morning that donald trump in a town hall meeting was asked a question by a guy who said the presence did not directly
11:37 am
refuted. say that's not true. you can't do that. don't do that. >> there are a lot of things we can tricky donald on in his rhetoric. i have done it on the show and many other fox news shows. but the guy -- i don't know what donald heard out of that guy's mouth. you are up there. you never know what is coming out of people's mouths. took it as a joke and laughed it off. many, many worse things that politicians have said and done. president obama said he liked her health care plan, you can keep it. we should point out president obama pointed dan jones has one of his -- he wasn't a birth or pa he signed a petition for an
11:38 am
organization about questioning whether the u.s. government may have been behind the 9/11 attacks. and what his religion is. >> there's an expression i am familiar with that is called jumping the shark. it means you are past your prime. >> that's more outrageous. stuart: do think donald trump has jumped the shark? >> now but this one. his voters, and it will make him speak at the republican convention. i don't think this does it. and i wasn't sure what the guy said. it's not like it came out of donald's mouth. if he said president obama is i know i come i know it, that's
11:39 am
different. hillary clinton can say just about anything she wants as anybody including president obama appeared she got in the dirt with him. we should pull every single clip in 2008. where they cross the line. i believe he's catholic. but remember who is pastor was. are we missing something here. reverend wright, by the way, this wasn't performing the ceremony. he also baptized his kids. >> we are talking about a guy who does have radical connections. reverend wright is fair to say is radical.
11:40 am
maybe msnbc will attack me now for saying that. you want to hear my imitation? stuart: you have 10 seconds. we met janet yellen, very low energy. stuart: look at that. >> is my imitation getting better? raking in a lot of money and now apparently businesses like ours and restaurants where people can play the fantasy game. john tasker, host of harvest he was here to sign up for fantasyg for all. >> is he on the air? this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. hi mi'm raph. tom. my name is anne. i'm one of the real live attorneys you can talk to through legalzoom.
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>> i am nicole petallides victor fox business brief. the day after the fed leaves rates unchanged, we are off the lows of the day. the dow jones industrial average up 184.8 s&p down 17.5. nasdaq down 29. we ours and financials under pressure. they are waiting on the markets overall. goldman sachs, jpmorgan, american express with 36 negative dow points. $1 billion in shares to raise another $1 billion. we see that as the number one s&p 500 loser down 8%.
11:43 am
it came out the quarterly report and revenue to the upside 3% right now. every day, 5:00 a.m., lauren simonetti and i on "fbn:am".
11:44 am
train to the fantasy for all crazed bigger than ever. affecting businesses, restaurants and bars is no longer good enough to show the
11:45 am
game. these days fans while bars that cater to fantasy football in their fans. my next guest just inked a new deal with spike tv. a friend of the program. >> welcome back. good to see you. >> good to you, stuart. stuart: fantasy football is obviously very popular. how would you design a bar, for example, that caters to fantasy for all? >> it's almost like the movie matrix where they live in a digital world. all the walls to be filled with video monitors, player statistics everywhere. teams going so you're almost within the web within the fantasy. not only visuals and the tactics of wireless to participate as they live around them. is what you do. draft events, trading events.
11:46 am
you can do all sorts of events during the 20 weeks of football to drive traffic using fantasy folk all as the link to pull them in. stuart: and you are good. no wonder you got a new deal. do you think fantasy football is big enough that if you did have a bar the way you describe it the fans would come from a utility makes the money make some money. you think so? >> i would. but that's only 20 weeks a year. when you do the math is 30 to 40 days a year. what i do the rest of the year? i have had great food, great drinks that i can't open the fantasy leagues are over. that is the challenge to do something that works for the fantasy environment that can go through almost a metamorphosis in fantasy league as. stuart: i want to move on to donald trump. i think of you sometimes it's a donald trump like persona. nothing to do with appearance.
11:47 am
if you've got a barrage of his roles. >> i'm doing pretty well. i'm number one in every poll by a lot. >> you're losing $2.2 billion. when the people of iowa found that out it went to number one and he went down the tubes. >> you want to casino gambling in florida. >> i did not. if i wanted it i would've got it. more energy tonight, i like that. stuart: some people think you are just like trump. i you're tired of the real trump? >> luanda president whose deliberate when they sold somebody or some thing. the problem is the fact he doesn't come off delivered or thoughtful. in the business world of negotiations and insult can save you a few dollars. it might get you leverage. in business they make sense but you have to be deliberate about
11:48 am
it and he seems to use my team isn't not deliberate. candidly he's not going to grow and how people are more comfortable he'll be delivered as a prize meant and when you told soldiers lightly with a purpose, not just spontaneously. stuart: tommy about spike tv. you must be doing well if you just inked a new deal. i'll give you a commercial. >> we are doing great. last season over 70 million people watched barbara's do. it's one of the most popular shows on cable tv. i shoot my 100th episode next month. am we just signed a new deal to do another show we are creating. stuart: when i said you got a trump like persona i withdraw that because you actually have tough love. that is what you do. that's not equal opportunity insulting.
11:49 am
>> and try to make their lives better. sometimes you have to be forceful. you are a father. tough love work sometimes. stuart: my father? >> you are a father. stuart: by the way, your biggest fan, charlie sub to never ever misses you. >> i love him as well. charlie is a man of excellent taste. stuart: john taffer, everybody. new deal with spike tv. come back soon. cablevision's new french boss doesn't like paying high salaries. they will play employees as little as possible. a frenchman coming to america same whether it is high salaries. stocks and not after this. we live in a world of mobile technology,
11:50 am
but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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stuart: you know, it's not so bad. down 151. i'm not going to shrug my shoulders and say everything is fine, but not as bad as it was. how about cablevision just bought by a european company. a new boss. his name is patrick drahi. he does not like paying high salaries. i pay as little as they can.
11:54 am
john stossel is here. this is off the beaten track for a man like you. nonetheless i present you prove that the frenchman coming over here and saying hey americans, we don't like your salary structure. >> creative destruction capitalism is supposed to be about. a frenchman for the socialist frenchman. do you think he likes paying my salary or your salary. everybody wants to keep it down. the employee wants to keep it up and dynamism makes a work. stuart: i am worth every red cent. 50% on every dollar that goes to state income taxes is deeply resented. they don't even work. >> i guess i'm asking you about the frenchman who comes to america and talks about salaries
11:55 am
because it such a juxtaposition. they don't think of european business people as having any brains whatsoever with competitive capitalism. and here they are. >> may be other cablevision employees deserve $300,000 handheld wreck the company. only the market will decide that. stuart: i have a -- i was an honorable young man felt the way progressives who socialist. i traveled around the world for three or four years. and up in india and there for six months, the home of bureaucracy and then i get on the plane and fly from india to hong kong and suddenly my eyes are wrote in. this is free-market capitalism. did you have the same experience?
11:56 am
>> i did a show for abc about what makes a prosperous. high school kids that i don't know. because we have democracy and natural resources. i would say india has democracy and resources. they say there'd overpopulated. hong kong has no resources, no democracy. the leopard are brought to first world because that economic freedom. i try to open a business in india, couldn't do it. in hong kong in one hour i could. stuart: your show is on at 8:00 p.m. eastern. capitalism in india. i should be on your show tonight during the story of capitalism in india. are you going to invite me? it's at 8:00 tonight. it's going to be good. stossel is the name of the show. back in a moment with more
11:57 am
"varney & company. the
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: you are further to the left and hillary. you are much closer to bernie sanders then hillary. describing the four big issues that separate the two colitis are devoted with hillary hillary and not bernie. >> hillary is way over on the left. you had something to say about that on face the fear let's start with paul. he says it's about time representatives from the left get exposed on television. precisely right. trump not refuting someone at a rally to called the president a muslim says this. why is it trumps responsibility to correct would not give thanks? >> that's not his job. stuart: the left has gone crazy. ashley: now they're blaming him
12:00 pm
for what he didn't say. stuart: we are agreed on this one. our time is a period cheryl: is friday. stuart: you can have 10 seconds of my time. neil: i liken that to the crazy uncle i'm sure this brings home true to you. he you. he likes to say crazy things and you just move on. stuart: it's not trumps responsibility to correct a question. neil: good to see you for a riveting few hours. we've got the dow down 154-point. questions as to where the money is going. we think we've got a few places. the ten-year treasury note yielding 2.16%. people earn a spot to the secu


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